Enterprise Agile Coach (ICP-CAT) Certification Training

The ICP-CAT(Coaching Agile Transitions) is the second of two knowledge-based certifications provided by ICAgile. The certification mainly focuses on the field of enterprise coaching for Agility, explores the key aspects of an Agile transformation, and links the core enterprise coaching skills such that it empowers coaches to become change agents in organizations.


The ICP-CAT certification is mainly dedicated to enterprise Agile Coaches to guide them about the psychology behind organizational resistance to Agile, when to enforce it and when to neglect it, and how to overcome it to achieve success. During this course, participants will learn about the elements of Agile transitions such as organizational and human change processes, addressing organizational impediments, transformation strategies, and communicating, educating, and facilitating at an enterprise level. The ICP-CAT certified professionals will also learn to deliver value as an enterprise coach and to scale Agile using large scale facilitation.

The ICP-CAT training guides the participants about the value stream underlying enterprise agility, and the transition of organizational processes, culture, and people to an Agile way of working. The credential will reflect the skills needed to help teams and organizations in the challenges while transitioning to the Agile mindset. After successful completion of the training, participants will be rewarded with the prestigious ICAgile Coaching Agile Transitions (ICP-CAT) certification.

  1. Enterprise Coaching Skills and Scope
    • The Field of Enterprise Coaching for Agility
    • Self-Mastery, Professional Development, and Ethics
  2. Enterprise and Business Agility 
    • Understanding the Whole Value Stream
    • Business Agility
  3. Organizational Structures and Processes
    • Organization Design and Structure
    • Organizational Processes and Improvement
  4. Leadership and Culture
    • Working with Leaders
    • Organizational Culture and Alignment
    • Developing an Agile Team Culture
  5. Change and Agile Transitions
    • Organization and Human Change Processes
    • Agile Transition and Transformation Change Strategies
    • Working with Organizational Impediments
    • Communicating, Educating and Facilitating for Organizational Change
  • 2 days of classroom training that imparts Enterprise Agile Transformation Skills
  • Training conducted by ICAgile Certified Professional having a decade of experience
  • Hard copy as well as online study material curated by experts and accredited by ICAgile
  • Experiential learning based on practical exercises and real-life scenario 
  • Gain the ICP-CAT credential with lifetime validity
  • Post-workshop assistance and meetups with other Agile coaches

ICAgile Coaching Agile Transitions (ICP-CAT) certification can be attended by anyone who is managing a team in an organization that is transitioning towards agility

  • Team coaches as well as multi-team coaches
  • Enterprise Agile Coaches
  • Senior Managers
  • Leadership Teams
  • Scrum Masters
  • Change Agents

SimpliAxis caters to a wide variety of professional courses and provides access to a wealth of concepts and skills to the candidates across all corners through consulting training, assessments, certification, and eLearning. The experienced trainers curate the courses in such a way that each and every student gets the maximum benefit and can clear the certification in the first attempt. The unique blend of online training and study material helps us in achieving impressive results.

  • Experienced trainers who have trained more than 5000+ applicants
  • Value-based and result-oriented learning methodology
  • Simplified and easy to understand study material curated by experts
  • Interactive sessions meant for clearing the doubts.
  • Complete assistance during the entire journey of certification.

Our trainers are ICAgile certified instructors having a decade of experience in enterprise coaching and consulting. They provide the participants enrolled for ICP-CAT certification with the insights and clear their concepts based on their experiences so that they can prove to be the great enterprise Agile coaches in the organizations they work.  

  • Industry experts and ICAgile certified trainers having experience of 10+ years
  • Highly proficient in coaching Agile transformations
  • Have worked with several organizations as Agile coaches
  • Conducts value-added interactive sessions 
  • Understand the mindset of Enterprise Agile coaching and the responsibilities associated with it
  • Provide 24*7 assistance even after completion of the training

Step 1: Enrol for an ICAgile Enterprise Agile Coaching (ICP-CAT) certification training with an ATO.

Step 2: Attend a 2-days training program by ICAgile certified trainers.

Step 3: After completion of the course, the trainer will assess your knowledge as an enterprise Agile coach based on classroom discussions, individual exercises, group exercises, role plays, etc.  

Step 4: You will be granted the certificate which is valid for a lifetime by the internationally recognized ICAgile certification body

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  • What is ICP-CAT certification?

    The ICP-CAT certification is designed for candidates to master the skills of enterprise agility and to equip them with the mindset, behaviors, and skills needed to succeed as an Enterprise Agile coach, thereby moving towards enterprise agility. The certification offers highly-effective enterprise coaching and large-scale facilitation skills that create meaningful, and sustainable change.

  • What are the prerequisites to attend the ICP-CAT training?

    To attend ICP-CAT training it is recommended that:

    • The candidate must have at least 3 years’ experience as a team coach • The candidate should hold any of the professional coaching credentials • The candidates should have attended an ICAgile Certified Professional - Agile Coaching course (ICP – ACC)
  • What are the benefits of the ICP-CAT certification?

    The ICP-CAT certification offers many benefits such as:

    • It helps in achieving the enterprise agility that not just includes an Agile mindset but maintains a fine balance of what is effective for the organization to generate positive outcomes • The certification helps in securing a role as an enterprise Agile Coach in an organization • The enterprise coaching enables the candidates to act as change agents and bring a transformation within an organization and among team members. • It enhances the skills in executive coaching and accelerates the understanding of organizational development and principles of change • ICP-CAT certified professionals are proficient in enterprise coaching who guide the teams to perform with excellence
  • After the ICP-CAT training within how many days, do I need to take the exam?

    There is no separate exam for the assessment of ICP-CAT candidates. The trainer evaluates the knowledge of candidates during the training which is used as the primary criteria to grant the ICP-CAT certification.

  • What is the format of the ICP-CAT certification exam?

    There is no specific format for the ICP-CAT exam as candidates are evaluated based on certain learning objectives during the training such as activity and understanding conveyed via exercises and discussion, role plays, etc.

  • How do I obtain an ICP-CAT certification?

    To obtain the ICP-CAT certification, you should complete the ICP-CAT training from an ATO. After completing the training, the trainer will evaluate your performance based on certain learning objectives during the training and will grant you the certification based on that. You will receive the certification from an internationally recognized ICAgile certification body.

  • How long does the ICP-CAT certification be valid?

    The ICP-CAT certification is valid for a lifetime.

  • How do I renew the ICP-CAT certification?

    There is no need to renew the ICP-CAT certification as it is valid for a lifetime.

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