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Certified SAFe® Lean Portfolio Manager

The two-day program on Lean Portfolio Management trains candidates to achieve high-value work by learning methodologies to implement Lean Governance in a business environment. With the Lean Portfolio Management training, tools, and techniques used for the implementation of Strategy and Investment funding and application of Agile Portfolio operations are delivered to candidates.

Lean Portfolio Management works on a set of lean principles with Agile planning, where portfolio alignment is done with the business goals and strategies, Agile approaches are adopted for forecasting, budgeting, performance, and progress measurement. 

The Lean Portfolio Management Certification allows a participant to know the alignment of portfolios with Strategy for yearly outcomes, limiting portfolio Work-in-progress, the use of lightweight lean methods, portfolio leadership involving teams to work on quarterly plans and outcomes, working on value stream capacity, and outcome-based budgeting and investments. 

At the end of the Lean Portfolio Management training program, candidates gain competency in Strategic Intent, Outcome Alignment, Lean Governance, Portfolio Kanban, Agile Funding, Demand management, and quarterly value stream budgets.

  • Introducing Lean Portfolio Management (LPM)
  • Establishing Strategy and Investment Funding
  • Applying Agile Portfolio Operations
  • Applying Lean Governance
  • Implementing the LPM function
  • Silver Partner of Scaled Agile, Inc
  • On the completion of the course, receive 24 PDUs and SEUs
  • Become a SAFE® Certified Lean Portfolio Manager
  • Gain knowledge from the best Certified Lean Portfolio Management trainers
  • Professional preparatory guidance for the SAFE® Lean Portfolio Management Examination
  • Become a member of the SAFe® Community for a year with access to the LPM resources and Community.

The LPM course is meant for key decision-makers in the organization. Hence, it is ideal for the following professionals:

  • CEO, CTO, and RTE
  • Program or Project Manager
  • Release Train Engineer
  • Business Owner
  • Solution Manager
  • Agile Coach
  • SAFe Program Consultant
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Consultant
  • Director
  • Product Manager
  • Program Manager
  • Enterprise Architect

SimpliAxis believes in providing valuable learning backed by industry experts. With online learning in the form of interactive sessions, applicants can ask their questions and get their queries sorted by top rated and professionally certified experts who deliver hands-on learning experience so that each candidate can clear the certification in the first attempt and that too with good scores. 

  • We are a Silver Partner of Scaled Agile Inc, and our certified SPCs bring their expertise to help you become a certified SAFe® Architect
  • Interactive sessions designed to provide valuable learning 
  • Experienced trainers who have trained more than 5000+ applicants
  • knowledge and skills that can be applied in the real world.
  • Learn concepts from scratch, and then advance your learning under expert guidance step-by-step.
  • Learn theory backed by practical case studies and sample papers.
  • Assistance and support even after the completion of the course.

Our LPM mentors are industry experts – the best talent from the domain. They are experts who are SAFe® Certified and have years of hands-on experience in the practical utilization of the tools and techniques of LPM. Learning from them can help the candidates look forward to a significant exchange of learnings and knowledge.

  • Industry experts with practical knowledge and deep insights.
  • On-the-job experience in real-time projects, of a decade and more
  • Already trained about 2000+ LPM Professionals
  • Interactive and engaging sessions
  • Have helped in the adoption of LPM in numerous organizations. 

Step 1: Attend the 3-day Lean Portfolio Management training instructed by SAFe® Program Consultant (SPCs)

Step 2: After successful completion of the course, Scaled Agile will send you the information of the exam via your registered email ID.

Step 3: Click on the link received and take the 1.5-hour LPM exam which comprises 45 questions.

Step 4: Score a minimum of 32 out of 45 (71%) to pass the SAFe® 5 Lean Portfolio Manager Exam (5.0.1).

Step 5: After passing the exam, Scaled Agile will update your profile to disclose your certificate.

Step 7: you will receive a one-year membership of Scaled Agile along with your certificate.

Step 8: Renew your certification every year to continue the validity of your Lean Portfolio Manager certificate.

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Certified SAFe® Lean Portfolio Manager (LPM)

Speaker: Nupur Shah

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  • Who is a certified Lean Portfolio Manager?

    A certified Lean Portfolio manager is one who plays a key role in the implementation of Lean governance and Agile portfolio management in an enterprise. A Lean Portfolio Manager is responsible for envisioning the Portfolio Vision, Lean Budgeting, Strategy, and Agile portfolio operations among other things.

  • What are the prerequisites to take the LPM course?

    There are no prerequisites to take the Lean Portfolio Management course but a few skills are recommended. Some of the recommended skills are-

    • Familiarity with Agile Principles • Experience Working in a SAFe environment. • Attended SAFe® PO/PM or SAFe® Course
  • What are the benefits of LPM Certification?

    Lean Portfolio Management is a proven technique for organizations in making their processes and systems optimally effective with enhanced productivity, happy employees, and interpersonal relationships. At an individual level, undergoing the course means adding value to become top LPM leaders in the industry.

  • After the Lean Portfolio Management training, how many days do I need to take the exam?

    The exam can be taken at any time after course completion. Taking the LPM certification examination within 30 days after completing the course costs free for the first attempt.

  • What is the format of the LPM certification exam?

    For the SAFe® 4 and 5 Portfolio Manager examination, the time given is 120 minutes or 2 hours to complete the questions. For SAFe 5.0.1, the duration of the exam is 90 minutes. The exam is a multiple-choice format. It is a web-based exam. To access the exam, you need to access the SAFe community platform. The number of questions in SAFe 4 and 5 is 60 questions each, whereas, for SAFe 5.0.1, there are 45 questions.

  • Is the exam fee included in the course fee?

    If you take the exam within 30 days of attending the training course, the cost of the exam is included in the course fee. This is the first exam attempt. And, for every retake, after this, you need to pay about $50 per attempt.

  • How do I attain the LPM course certification?

    First, enroll for the LPM course delivered by SPCs. Complete the course successfully and start the preparation of the LPM certification exam. Schedule the exam and appear for it. On Successfully clearing the exam with a minimum passing score, Scaled Agile will update your profile with the certificate valid for one year along with Scaled Agile membership.

  • How long is the LPM certification valid?

    The Lean Portfolio Management Certification is valid for 1 year which needs to be renewed after that.

  • How do I renew the LPM certification?

    The LPM certification needs to be renewed every year. The renewal cost is $295. Here are the instructions to be followed for LPM Certification renewal.

    • Use your Username to Login to SAFe Community Platform Account. • If you do not remember the password, click on “Forgot Password” to reset your password. • Click on “Renew Now” Button located close to the Certification. (At the top of the HomePage? • A Shopping Cart will pop on your window. Use it to renew your LPM Certification.

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