Corporate Training Solutions

With the advent of high-end technology used in organizations these days, upskilling the resources and keeping them up to date is pertinent. Many MNCs, public and private companies are making their resources to learn new skills, technologies and future proof their resource pool at the expense of the organization. Off lately, MNCs is spending billions in imparting Corporate Training to employees across industries. It usually helps in maximizing resource utilization and it helps HRs in retaining the best resources as they keep on learning new skills which make them interested and motivated.

Corporate Training Solutions

Advantage of Corporate Training

1. Increase in productivity

It takes a seasoned employee almost 3 to 5 yrs upon joining a company to become productive. Therefore, equipping an existing employee to handle the emerging business challenges will accelerate your productivity than just hiring new hands. Also, the more updated your workforce is with the latest industry trends, the better their productivity and output.

2. Reduction in employee attrition

Our corporate training courses are certificate courses that are well recognized and thus increase the value of the employee. It also shows the employee that he/she is appreciated and that the company is willing to invest in him/her. As a direct result, he will be happier staying on in the same company instead of looking for opportunities outside.

3. Gain a competitive business advantage

A better-skilled workforce can make a huge difference, especially in a saturated industry. They become capable leaders who take responsible decisions and also competent subject matter experts who can contribute better to everyday business. This will make your company a better performing company, thus providing you an edge over the competition.

Our Corporate training brings our experts to you location on your schedule. It also allows us to plan your training in advance and tailor classes directly to your needs. With learning targeted to your unique team environment, we’re able to resolve your specific issues and meet your specific needs. Not only does the entire team benefit immediately, but the cost per student is significantly less than attending separate public courses.

Corporate Training Solutions

How Our Corporate Training Works

  • Choose your topic or course
  • Have a free consulting call with our SimpliAxis Instructor along with our training advisor.
  • Receive a quote with pricing that is all inclusive of Training and Materials,Stationery.
  • Select dates, times and location that work best for your team.
  • SimpliAxis will take care of the rest so your team can enjoy a great training experience.
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