This one-day workshop course builds competency in decisiveness and effective problem solving. You will learn a three-step decision-making model and recognize ingredients that result in positive or negative outcomes. You also learn the six-step problem-solving wheel technique and practice applying its key concepts without using statistics.

During this course, you will work with a challenging and complex case from your own work environment. In doing so, you will become aware of your own preferences and pitfalls. You will conduct an exploratory stakeholder analysis to map the problem environment and assess the consequences and impact the problem can have. This will lead to a SMART problem definition that is a clear entry point for your data collection.


  • Describe effective decision-making fundamentals.
  • Use a proven problem-solving technique.
  • Understand pitfalls — resisting solutions and ineffective decisions.


  • Exercise: Decisive Role Models
  • Decision Making Model
  • Exercise: Pros & Cons – Individual versus Group Decisions
  • Indecision: Identifying Major Causes and Remedies
  • Pitfalls and Best Practices


  • Problem Solving Wheel Model
  • Exercise: Define the Problem and Write a Problem Statement
  • Analyzing the Problem’s Impact Through Multiple Stakeholder Lenses
  • Potential Solutions Generation Techniques (4 Techniques)
  • Exercise: Put into Practice – Generating Potential Solutions
  • Exercise: Problem Solving Challenges
  • Solution Selection and Planning
  • Exercise Implementation Best Practices
  • Pitfalls and Best Practices
  • Understand HR’s role as a vital contributor to your organization’s success
  • Discover strategies to attract and retain top talent
  • Examine best practices for managing performance and creating compensation, training and benefit systems that drive bottom-line results
  • Identify and deal with potentially explosive issues with an eye to both legal requirements and the needs of your business
  • Analyze HR issues and develop action plans you can implement in your organization
  • See how HR and non-HR functions in every organization can create an effective, complementary work environment

The course is ideally suited to:

Any individual (regardless of function, role, or level) will benefit from this course.

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