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ITIL Intermediate Certification

The ITIL Intermediate certification follows a modular structure in which service management is done through different modules each focusing on a different challenge. It is an industry-recognized certification that aligns IT services with business to save time, reduce complexity and increase productivity. Professionals can build a great career in service management modules after clearing the ITIL Intermediate certification.

ITIL Intermediate certification

ITIL is a widely used approach for service management by using intermediate modules. It helps individuals as well as organizations to use IT for change, growth, and transformation of business.  The contents of ITIL intermediate certification is highly beneficial for the professionals who want to transition to ITIL4 and to the end learners who are moving forward with their ITIL journey. 

The processes, principles, and activities included in the Service Lifecycle and Service Capability modules of ITIL intermediate certification provide the useful knowledge that will help in the retention of ITIL 4 concepts in the latest ITIL framework. After completing the ITIL intermediate course, candidates will be able to integrate the concepts of both versions 3 and 4, understand the latest updates in the ITIL framework, and support professionals in facing the challenges. It is advisable to have at least 2 years of prior experience in IT service management before undertaking any intermediary module.

Service Lifecycle modules

  1. Service Strategy (SS)
  2. Service Design (SD)
  3. Service Transition (ST)
  4. Service Operation (SO)
  5. Continual Service Improvement (CSI)

The Service Capability modules

  1. Operational Support and Analysis (OSA)
  2. Planning, Protection and Optimization (PPO)
  3. Release, Control and Validation (RCV)
  4. Service Offerings and Agreements (SOA)
  • Training provided by certified instructors with more than 10+ years experience
  • Interactive sessions to clear the doubts 
  • Enterprise dashboards to provide practical learning
  • Comprehensive courseware curated by certified professionals
  • Free mock tests and sample papers for self-assessment
  • 24×7 learner assistance and support

ITIL Intermediate certification can be taken up by the professionals who want to switch from the V3 to the ITIL V4 scheme. The course intends to benefit the practitioners who are progressing on their ITIL journey. It is best suited for:

  • IT directors
  • IT service manager
  • Business process owners
  • Business managers
  • Project managers
  • Technical support engineers
  • Service support engineers
  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • Professionals who wants to build their career in IT Service Management

SimpliAxis brings you the highly beneficial courseware designed by industry experts who are professionally certified. In the online training cum interactive sessions, it ensures that each and every candidate gets the maximum benefit by clearing all their doubts and making them understand all the concepts in-depth by real-life examples and test case scenarios. With SimpliAxis, candidates can aim to clear the certifications in the first attempt. Some of the reasons why you should choose SimpliAxis are:

  • Training provided by certified trainers with vast experience in ITIL framework
  • The flexibility of choosing your training batch as classes are being conducted weekly as well as monthly.
  • Get all the insights of the ITIL concepts in a simplified manner
  • In-depth understanding of the concepts with real-life experiences and test case scenarios
  • Free sample papers and mock tests for better retention of the subject
  • Support and guidance provided by experts even after completion of training
  • Step 1: Register for ITIL Intermediate course from Axelos Accredited Training Organization
  • Step 2: Undertake the ITIL Intermediate training for at least 21 contact hours as part of the formal, approved training course
  • Step 3:  Prepare and schedule the exam
  • Step 4:  Take the exam comprising 40 questions that need to be completed in 90 minutes.
  • Step 5: Pass the ITIL intermediate certification with a minimum of 70%
  • Step 6:  Obtain the ITIL intermediate Certification  
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  • What is the ITIL Intermediate certification?

    ITIL Intermediate certification is a globally-recognized certification and is the third level of ITIL certification. It follows a modular approach under which each module provides a specific focus on the different aspects of IT Service Management. All the modules under ITIL Intermediate certification are more detailed than the Foundation certification and provide the elaborated concepts

  • What are the prerequisites to attend the ITIL intermediate certification?

    The prerequisites to attend the ITIL intermediate certification are

    • ITIL Foundation Certificate (either V3 or V4)

    • Recommended basic knowledge in IT and approximately two years of working in the IT sector.

  • What are the benefits of ITIL Intermediate Certification?

    The ITIL Intermediate certification can create multiple job opportunities for the roles of service delivery manager, service engineer, incident manager, and quality consultant. Some of the major benefits of this certification include:

    • A better formulation of IT service strategy by acquiring knowledge on management principles.

    • Provide guidance and direction for Service Management by getting the organizational capabilities.

    • Adopting a practical approach to manage the service portfolio.

    • Increase in efficiency and productivity by streamlining and strategizing the process

    • It is a globally recognized certification in service management that progresses through different modules each dedicated to a specific aspect of service delivery and management.

  • After the ITIL Intermediate training within how many days do I need to take the exam?

    You can take the exam anytime after completing the certification training.

  • What is the format of the ITIL Intermediate certification exam?

    ITIL Practitioner certification consists of a total of 40 multiple choice questions that need to be completed in a duration of 135 minutes. It is an open book exam and a minimum of 70% is required to clear it. I.e, 28 out of 40 questions need to be correct.

  • Is the ITIL Practitioner exam fee included in the course fee?

    ITIL Intermediate certification consists of a total of 40 multiple-choice questions. Out of that 8 multiple choice questions are scenario-based. The total exam duration is 90 minutes. It is an open book exam and a minimum of 70% is required to clear it. i.e, 28 out of 40 questions need to be correct.

  • Is the ITIL Intermediate exam fee included in the course fee?

    Yes, the exam fee of ITIL Intermediate certification is generally included in the course fee if you attend the training program from an Axelos Accredited Training Organization.

  • How do I attain the ITIL Intermediate course certification?

    In order to attain ITIL Intermediate certification, complete the training in ITIL intermediate modules divided in two categories Service Lifecycle and Service Capability. You can select modules from one category or from both the categories at the same time as per your wish. After completing the course, you can schedule and pass the exam with a minimum of 70% to get the certification.

  • How long does the ITIL Intermediate certification be valid?

    ITIL Intermediate certification does not have an expiry period and is valid for a lifetime.

  • How do I renew the ITIL Intermediate certification?

    ITIL Intermediate certification does not require any renewal. It is a one-time investment highly beneficial for your career growth.

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