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How To Get SAFe Advanced Scrum Master Certification?

So you are convinced that to speed up your career growth in a SAFe environment, you need to get a SASM certification but are not sure how to go about it. No worries there! We will explain the whole SASM certification process in detail here to make it easy for you. Just sit back and read on. Below is the step-by-step description of the SAFe advanced scrum master certification process.

SAFe Advanced Scrum Master Certification Process

You don't have to go through any complex procedure to obtain a SASM certification. The process is quite simple and straightforward.

  • The first thing you need to do to get a SASM certificate is to upgrade your SAFe knowledge and skills to bring them to the level required of a SAFe Advanced Scrum Master. For this, you have to enroll yourself with a SAFe Program Consultant Trainer (SPCT) of Scaled Agile Inc., who is also a practitioner, and attend the two-day training/course provided by them.

  • Next, you have to complete this two-day course as a preparation for the SAFe Advanced Scrum Master certification exam. 

  • The next step in the process is to take the SASM exam. For this, you will have to log in to the SAFe community platform. Credentials for logging in will be sent to you directly by Scaled Agile Inc., once you have successfully completed the two-day course.

  • Once you have logged in to the SAFe community platform, you have 60 Multiple Choice Questions and need to complete the exam within the given time frame of 120 mins. Submit the exam after completing it.

  • Your score will be calculated based on the correct answers you have provided.

  • Once you pass the exam with the required criteria, you will become eligible to receive your SASM certification.

  • You will receive your SASM certification within 5-7 working days and you will become a SAFe Advanced Scrum Master.

See, the SASM certification process is so simple. But it is definitely not easy as you have to get a good grasp on whatever you learn during the two-day training to pass the exam. But then, nothing can be achieved without putting in hard work. 




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