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USD 249USD 900

2 days left at this price!

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

This course includes:
  • Completion certificate

  • Access on mobile

  • 365 days access

Training 2 or more people?

Get your team access to 25,000+ top Simpliaxis courses anytime, anywhere.

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  • For teams of 2 or more users

  • 25,000+ fresh & in-demand courses

  • Learning Engagement tools

  • SSO and LMS Integrations

What you will learn:

  • Negotiating Project Agreements:

    Negotiating Project Agreements:

  • Conflict Management Strategies:

    Conflict Management Strategies:

  • Effective Project Governance:

    Effective Project Governance:

  • Strategic Business Value Delivery:

    Strategic Business Value Delivery:

  • Proactive Project Continuity Management:

    Proactive Project Continuity Management:

  • Business Evolution through Analysis:

    Business Evolution through Analysis:

This Course includes:

  • 15 hours of video on demand

  • 14 materials are available for download

  • Any Device Access

  • 365 days access

  • Completion certificate

Benefits of the E-Learning

  • Flexibility and Accessibility:

    E-learning allows individuals to access CAPM training materials from anywhere with an internet connection. This accessibility allows learners to study at their own pace, fitting the coursework into their existing schedules, whether working professionals or students

  • Cost-Effectiveness:

    E-learning courses are often more cost-effective compared to traditional classroom-based training. There are typically fewer travel, accommodation, and printed materials expenses. This makes CAPM e-learning an attractive option for those seeking a budget-friendly way to gain project management skills

  • Interactive Learning Experience:

    CAPM e-learning courses are designed to be engaging and interactive. They often include multimedia elements, quizzes, and real-world case studies. This interactive approach improves learning retention and the application of key concepts by participants

  • Self-Paced Learning:

    CAPM E-learning allows individuals to progress through the CAPM training materials at their own pace. This is particularly beneficial for those with varying experience levels or learning speeds. Participants can revisit challenging topics, spend more time on areas that require additional attention, and accelerate through content they find familiar

  • Global Recognition and Career Advancement:

    CAPM online course is globally recognized and demonstrates a commitment to project management best practices. Completing an e-learning course to prepare for the CAPM exam can enhance one's skills and increase their marketability in the job market. It opens up opportunities for career advancement by validating a foundational understanding of project management principles and practices

Course content

53 sections601 lectures


    • Overview
    • The PMI Way of Thinking of Project Management
    • The CAPM Exam
    • Tools for CAPM Exam Success
    • Project Management Methodologies
    • The Project Management Guiding Principles
    • The Project Management Domains
    • The PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct
    • Project Management Terminology
    • The Project Management Plan
    • Balancing Competing Constraints
    • The Planning Performance Domain
    • Planning a Schedule
    • Risk Planning
    • Stakeholder Management Plan
    • Closing a Project
    • Project Stakeholders
    • The Project Manager vs Project Sponsor
    • Agile Roles and Servant Leadership
    • The Project Team
    • Emotional Intelligence and the Project Manager
    • Project Initiation and the Benefits Management Plan
    • Communication Management
    • Using Meetings Appropriately
    • The Tools and Techniques of Problem Solving

    • Organizational Structures of Predictive Project Management
    • Project Processes and Deliverables
    • Critical Path Method
    • Earned Value and the Project Schedule
    • The Work Breakdown Structure
    • Quality Management Planning
    • Integration Management
    • Cost and Schedule Variances
    • Download Course Files Here

    • Adaptive vs Predictive
    • The Adaptive Environment
    • Iterative Progression
    • Scope of an Agile Project
    • Project Tracking
    • Adaptive Project Artifacts
    • Scrum
    • SAFe
    • XP and Kanban
    • Executing an Agile Project
    • Criteria for Success
    • The Agile Manifesto and Guiding Principles
    • How to perform a Sprint

    • Business Analysis and Roles
    • Communication Methods and Tools
    • Communicating Between Teams
    • Requirements Gathering (Elicitation)
    • Model and Refine Requirements
    • Requirements Traceability Matrix
    • Introducing the Product Roadmap
    • Business Analysts in Predictive Approaches
    • Business Analysts in Adaptive Approaches
    • What is Acceptance Criteria?
    • Validation against Evaluation Activities

    • How to Sign Up for CAPM Exam
    • Download Course Files Here


The CAPM® course does not require any prerequisites, but possessing fundamental project management knowledge can be beneficial. Enrolling in CAPM® Training is recommended to pursue the Certified Associate in Project Management certification.

Who Can Buy this Course:

  • Project Managers

  • IT Project Managers

  • Project Coordinators

  • Project Analysts

  • Team Leaders

  • Associate Project Managers

  • Product/Program Managers

  • Anyone Interested in CAPM Course

4.5103 ratings


Nikolas P


The CAPM E-Learning Course course offers a well-structured curriculum that covers all essential topics related to project management. The content is comprehensive, providing a solid foundation for understanding project management principles. The modules are logically organized, making it easy for learners to follow and grab the concepts.




One of the strengths of this course is its effective use of multimedia elements. The incorporation of engaging videos, interactive quizzes, and real-world case studies enhances the learning experience. The multimedia elements not only make the content more interesting but also facilitate better retention of information.

Shiney Toshia


The user interface of the E-Learning platform is intuitive and user-friendly. Navigating through modules, accessing resources, and tracking progress are seamless processes. The platform's design contributes positively to the overall learning experience, making it accessible for users with varying levels of technical proficiency.

AmI P.


The course provides excellent support to learners through responsive forums, discussion boards, and expert assistance. The sense of community among learners fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing. This collaborative aspect adds significant value to the learning journey, allowing participants to gain insights from diverse perspectives.

Eva Rosh


One notable feature of the CAPM E-Learning Course course is its emphasis on real-world application. The practical examples and case studies presented throughout the course help learners connect theoretical concepts to actual project management scenarios. This application-oriented approach enhances the relevance of the training.



The course adequately prepares learners for the CAPM course exam.

Frequently Asked Questions

The CAPM course offered by PMI is an entry-level credential for individuals new to project management. According to PMI standards, it provides a solid foundation in project management principles and practices. The course can enhance marketability and make you eligible for entry-level project management positions. Furthermore, it can be a stepping stone towards earning a more advanced course such as the PMP. However, it is important to understand your individual career goals and the specific requirements of your industry before pursuing this course.

The CAPM course costs between $200-$300.

The difficulty level of the CAPM exam may vary from person to person, but it is generally considered manageable. The exam is based on PMI's framework, which makes the preparation process straightforward. Passing the CAPM exam is achievable with appropriate study materials and adequate memorization. Success is often associated with thorough preparation and a solid understanding of the PMI principles.

CAPM Course is a 15 Hrs Training.

The average hourly wage for individuals holding a CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management) in the United States is $44.27. The salary spectrum varies, with most falling between $39.66 (25th percentile) and $50.00 (75th percentile). While some CAPM professionals command as much as $67.07 per hour, others may earn as little as $30.05.

The following jobs you can join after completing the CAPM Course-Associate Project ManagersProject ManagersIT Project ManagersProject CoordinatorsProject AnalystsProject LeadersSenior Project ManagersTeam LeadersProduct ManagersProgram ManagersProject Sponsors

Yes, It's expired. You need to renew your certification after every 3 years.

The passing mark for the CAPM credential exam is not predetermined, but achieving approximately 61% will likely result in success.

Within 1 year, you can take 3 attempts to complete your CAPM Certification.

Yes, After completing your CAPM E-Learning course & proper exam preparation, you can go for the CAPM Exam.

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