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No matter the type of industry, Project Management will be an integral part. The right Project Management can decide whether the project will succeed or fail. With many industries facing huge competition, they wish they should have not only experienced and talented Project Managers to manage each of their projects but also they wish that the Project Managers should be certified. Thanks to the different courses available these days to help Project Managers become certified Project Management professionals. Even though many courses are available the PMP Certification or Project Management Professional Certification from the Project Management Institution is believed by organizations to have great value. If you are an individual aspiring to become a Project Management professional, it is better to be aware of the benefits of earning PMP Certification. Let us start with a basic understanding of this certification.


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PMP Certification – An Introduction:

Presently, the Project Management Professional or PMP Certification holds the pride of being the world’s leading Project Management certification. Recently, the coursework that will help you get this certification includes hybrid, Agile and predictive approaches. So, with this certification, you can prove your project leadership experience and expertise. With this certification, you can stay confident enough to supercharge your career for project leadership roles across different industries. The good thing about the examination conducted for this certification is that you have the liberty to take it both online and offline.

What is PMP?

Research shows that employers will have to fill almost 2.2 million fresh roles every year related to projects before 2027. So, you can expect a high increase in the demand for skilled Project Managers in the near future. The good thing about PMP certification from the Project Management Institution is that it is designed by and for project professionals. It validates you to prove that you are one of the best highly skilled Project Managers in the following areas of Project Management:

  • People: You can manage people involved in projects better with PMP Certification as the course emphasizes soft skills that you need to efficiently lead a project team in the present changing environment.
  • Process: The PMP Certification will teach you how to reinforce the technical aspects of effective Project Management.
  • Business Environment: You will gain the skills required for highlighting the association between organizational strategy and projects.

In short, PMP Certification validates that you have the project leadership skills that employers look for. With this certification, you can gain a competitive edge and can prove that you are smarter. 

Benefits of PMP Certification:

Most professionals, who have gained the PMP certification feel that PMP benefits are plenty. This holds not only for the candidates taking up this course but also for organizations that hire Project Managers with this certification:

Benefits to Course-Takers:

1. Career Growth:

As mentioned earlier, understanding the PMP Certification advantages, many well-established organizations look for candidates with the PMP Certification from PMI. So, you can expect a better career prospect when you clear the examination and get this certification. This certification will help with improving your professional network. You will get the chance to interact with people doing the PMP Course and even those who have already obtained the certification. In turn, you can land high-paying jobs with better job positions in top organizations. When you make sure that your network is extensive in the Project Management field, the probability that you will have better career growth will be more.

2. Talk the Global Language of Project Management:

You will agree that Project Management is required not only in your country but also in countries across the world. With PMP certification, you will learn the global language of Project Management. So, employers from many foreign nations will also show interest to hire you as their Project Manager. As the certification is globally recognized, your skills will remain relevant across the world. So, taking up the PMP Course will turn out to be a worthy investment of time and money.

3. Gain Plenty of Skills:

The PMP Course aims at making you a better Project Manager. The course structure has been designed in such a way that you will get the required knowledge to complete projects with optimal success and with the least obstruction. Passing the PMP Certification examination is not an easy task. You will get this certification only when you have completed your diploma or degree and only when you have previous Project Management experience. Even, you will have to attend 35 contact classes. Also, you will have to get through the PMP Examination. But, with many skills you will gain from this certification, you will become an efficient Project Manager.

4. Gain the Opportunity for Continuous Learning:

To become a successful Project Manager, it is important that you should learn continuously. When you take up the PMP Certification course, you will develop a wide range of skills as mentioned earlier. When you share these skills with the organization and other people in your organization, you can ensure continuous success. When you get the opportunity to handle more projects as a Project Manager, it will widen your area of expertise. The reason is that different projects need varied skills, technology and approaches. Above all, when you complete your PMP course and get certified, you will become a member of the Project Management Institute. In turn, you can gain access to professional development opportunities. Even, it will help you with improving your marketability and performance.

5. Adaptability:

The PMP Certification reflects the best practices in Project Management that are not restricted to a particular industry. In turn, with this certification, you will get the opportunity of better transferability between industries and organizations. As a Project Manager with PMP Certification, your profile will represent a standard that you can apply for the Project Manager position in different organizations and most importantly different industries.

6. Enhanced Risk Management Ability:

One of the PMP Course benefits is that it will give you the knowledge required for effective management of risk. You will get the skill required for assessing the possible risk and methods to mitigate them. This is a beneficial skill not only for you but also for your organization as it protects the interest of your employer. In turn, there will be an improvement in the quality of the product to the top-notch level. 

7. Ability to Take up Challenging Projects:

One of the PMP Certification benefits for course takers like you is that you will gain the knowledge and skill required for handling challenging projects. When you are given the responsibility of taking on such challenging projects, you will have to give greater efforts to ensure the success of the project. Your responsibilities will increase as the project moves forward. Handling tough projects is again an opportunity for you to grow in your career to the next level. 

8. Professional and Social Behavior:

This is not only the final benefit but it is also a gold-standard advantage among the other PMP benefits. When you get this certification, you will have to abide by an industry-accepted code of ethics. You will be responsible for showing your ability to conduct yourself professionally. So, employers know that Project Managers with PMP Certification from PMI will not engage in any unethical practices. You will get the utmost regard in your organization for your integrity. It will not be an overstatement to say that PMP Certification is an indication of your professional behavior. With this certification, you can build your reputation as an honest and capable manager.

Benefits to the Organization:

PMP Certification advantages to the organization are also plenty. It means that when an organization hires a person with PMP certification as a Project Manager, it can expect the benefits listed below:

1. Added Credibility:

An organization can gain projects against competitors only when it has added credibility. When an organization has a PMP Certified Project Manager, prospective clients feel that they can get the best work from the team. Also, clients know that certified Project Managers are experts in risk management. So, they will prevent blenders that lead to financial loss. This belief enhances the credibility of a company that has hired PMP Certified Project Managers to take care of its Project Management.

Reduced Cost:

Having a PMP-Certified professional in an organization is proof that the organization can efficiently manage projects by following the best practices. It is an indication that the organization will manage the project within the decided scope, budget and time. Also, it shows that the organization can manage projects systematically without any wastage. According to a study conducted in 2010, the presence of a Project Management team with PMP Certified professionals has helped organizations save around the US $567,000 per project. This happens due to different reasons like the best planning, proper management of resources and efficient leadership ability of PMPs.


In short, PMP Course benefits are plenty not only for the individuals taking this course but also for the organizations that employ PMP Certified professionals to managing their projects. Apart from those two benefits of hiring PMP Certified professionals for Project Management, organizations can get many other benefits as well.


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