Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO) Certification Syllabus

You are already a Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) and are looking to enhance your skills and knowledge of Product Ownership further, so the next logical step in this direction would be to get an Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner certification for yourself. And for that, you need to complete the Advanced Scrum Product Owner course syllabus. Once you successfully complete all the components of the A-CSPO training syllabus, you become eligible for an Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO) certification.


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Why Completing A-CSPO Course Syllabus Is Important?

We are living in a fiercely competitive world and if you want to grow professionally in your Agile journey and be at the forefront instead of being relegated to the backseat, you must do something different from the regular stuff. Job and business market has umpteen number of Certified Scrum Product Owners. So how you will look different from them is the question. And the answer lies in completing the advanced CSPO certification syllabus and getting an A-CSPO certification that will keep you one step ahead of your peers.

How Will A-CSPO Course Curriculum Help You?

The Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner curriculum is designed in such a way that will bring more clarity to your role as a Product Owner and further enhance your ability to engage with other stakeholders in your organization. You will be able to communicate more effectively with others and understand their viewpoint so that an alignment is achieved. Through the A-CSPO training curriculum, you can better your time management by not wasting time on lesser opportunities and by identifying better opportunities quickly. 


1. Product Owner Core Competencies

  • Examining the Product Owner Role

  • Working with Stakeholders 

  • Working with the Development Team

  • Product Ownership with Multiple Teams


2. Advanced Purpose and Strategy

  • Developing Practical Product Strategies

  • Advanced Product Planning and Forecasting


3. Empathizing with Customers and Users

  • Customer Research and Product Discovery


4. Advanced Product Assumption Validation

  • Inspect and improve the product

  • Build prototypes to test hypotheses

  • Define and validate business value


5. Advanced Techniques for Working with the Product Backlog

  • Maximizing outcomes and impact

  • Defining product value

  • Ordering values

Since you are a practicing Product Owner, the advanced Scrum Product Owner curriculum is aimed at you only. The A-CSPO course curriculum may contain workshops, on-the-job applications, and other types of learning. You may undertake the A-CSPO certification syllabus online as well as offline, depending on your convenience and the availability of time. The focus of the advanced Scrum Product Owner course syllabus is on helping you to add to your skills and knowledge to enable you to work more efficiently in an organization that is more Agile-based as a Product Owner.

What Happens After Completing A-CSPO Training Syllabus?

Working in cross-functional teams and maintaining your individuality as a Product Owner may be a tricky and arduous task. You need to have capabilities to be an effective and highly productive member of a cross-functional team in your organization. Being a Product Owner, you may be required to play different roles in the team. The Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner certification syllabus will not only help you grow your capabilities but will enable you to discharge your role as a Product Owner as well as an important member of the cross-functional team of the organization, much more effectively.


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