Expert tips to clear Leading SAFe/SAFe Agilist certification

June 29, 2021

By Simpliaxis


The IT industry is an evolving and expanding industry, and there is a constant need for better and improved methods of management, execution, and delivery. The more professional the team, the better-satisfied clients they will have in the long run. The majority of companies around the world, including a major part of Fortune 500 companies, are relying on Scaled Agile Framework and its methods to create the desired system of management and delivery. 

The Lean-Agile techniques and principles have proven very beneficial for large-scale industries. Although this is only possible when these techniques are deployed at every stage of Agile transformation. Scaled Agile transformation has become the backbone of big projects because of the flexibility it offers to complex frameworks while ensuring better and faster delivery of products.

Having a SAFe Agilist certification trains you in principles, tools, and techniques of Leading Agile and makes you an expert in employing these in a highly competitive environment. This certification is the key to enterprise success because of its wider reach and scope in the industry. It facilitates a smooth Lean-Agile transformation and expands the scope of operations in an Agile environment, which heavily contributes to the benefit of the organization as well as the individual. 

What is SAFe Agilist certification?

A SAFe Agilist Certification is very beneficial in Lean-Agile transformation from small teams to big teams. The product delivery is improved by Scaled Agile Framework by Lean thinking, improved development, and operations, better development of products, and PI planning. All these factors contribute to making the Scaled Agile framework highly preferred in the industry, and more and more companies every day are looking for professionals who are trained in SAFe thinking. 

The major objective of SAFe Agilist certification is to improve the workflow by applying lean-agile thinking in situations that need effective management and leadership. An individual trained in Leading SAFe should have the responsibility of leading the team and handling complex issues throughout the process. They also are trained in improving communication among the teams and form a more structured system of management. This collaborative effort among different Agile teams benefits the organization in multiple ways, whether it be through the improved system of Development and Operations within the organization or the better delivery of products. This improved system also facilitates better relations with clients and stakeholders of the company.  

Importance of SAFe Agilist certification

The SAFe Agilist Certification is preferred by major organizations across the world that are focused clean-Agile transformation. SAFe is focused on improving the agility of the business by training individuals in delivery, solution delivery, continuous learning culture, and lean portfolio management, etc. Expertise in such domains holds value for the organization and its credibility while simultaneously adding to the resume of the candidate. The positive effects of these can be seen in several domains of customer relations and product delivery. Such a certification improves the overall outlook of development and management and creates a balance between different Agile teams effectively which would otherwise be a tiring task. 

A certified SAFe Agilist is a professional in a leadership position who applies Scale Agile principles to create better alignment, planning, implementation, and execution throughout the process. It comes in handy for project managers and software engineers who are looking for a long-term career in the industry. The SAFe enterprise is constantly updated and the latest versions are designed keeping in mind the needs of the industry and the role of SAFe in meeting these needs. 

How to clear Leading SAFe?

The SAFe Agilist certification is the need of the hour, for professionals certified in SAFe are required by every major company in the corporate world. More and more of the industry is leaning towards Agile and so the competition is getting tougher too. The SAFe Agilist certification exam is a web-based provides Lean-Agile questions. To pass, one must correctly answer 35 out of these 45 questions. There are various certification programs for clearing the course that provides training in Lean-Agile practices. The Leading SAFe class by Scaled Agile Inc. should be taken before the exam, as it gives you access to the updated curriculum and course materials that train you in theoretical and practical concepts needed to crack this exam. 

First and foremost, you need to find a course that suits you the best in terms of accessibility and flexibility. Before choosing the course, you should go over the curriculum and assess your skills to find your level of competency in the field and choose accordingly. Apart from the help from the instructor, you should also focus on self-study and practice as much as you can. 

Secondly, you should focus on gathering relevant study material for the exam. This needs to be done after some research on the curriculum and mock tests so that you don’t waste your time learning things that are not important, and can focus on the most relevant topics. 

Thirdly, you need to create a planner for yourself. No one can discipline you better than yourself, and a strong mindset with good planning is the key to long-term success. Create your planner for completing topics and set deadlines for yourself so that you can finish everything in time for the exam and you are thorough with the concepts.

Consistency is the key. Be consistent in your efforts throughout the process. Give ample amount of time to every topic and assign more time to topics that you feel are harder to grasp. Do not skip anything, but rather try to approach the curriculum with a fresh mindset and energy every day. 

The course materials should be your primary source of study, along with the study guide. The study guide gives you a comprehensive idea of the expectations of the exam which will boost your confidence while taking up the exams.

Mock tests are a very important part of preparation. They give you an idea of what to expect when taking up the real exam and will tell you the effectiveness of your preparation. It is also very efficient in timing yourself so that you don’t miss any questions on the real exam. They are indicative of your success, can tell you your strong and weak points and which areas you need to focus on more. 

Last but not least, it is very important to stay positive throughout the process. Both overexertion and underperformance will not yield desired results. You need to know your capacity and limits and plan accordingly. Create a flexible schedule so as not to put too much pressure on yourself and still be able to cover all the topics. Preparing for the examination with such a mindset can help you realize your full potential and will be helpful to you later in life too. 

The pattern of the exam allows you to take two exams consecutively, the third one after 10 days and the fourth one after 30 days. This gives you an ample number of opportunities, so you should not rush to the exam, but rather be prepared and approach them with a flexible mindset. Since the exam is heavily based on the curriculum, try to take it up while the concepts are still fresh in your mind and you are in tune with the entire process. 

Things to remember

Below are a few important tips and tricks that you need to keep in mind while preparing for a SAFe Agilist certification

  • Stick to the curriculum that is specified by Scaled Agile Inc.
  • Since it is an MCQ exam, read all the questions carefully and thoroughly
  • Be sure to attempt all the questions 
  • Do not be hasty while going through the options, it can lead to confusion 
  • Make sure to take as many practice exams as you can before the real exam
  • Having previous experience in the industry proves beneficial for understanding concepts of Agile
  • Previous experience is also important in handling questions that require practical expertise

The SAFe Agilist certification is valuable for organizations and individuals today, and so being a certified SAFe Agilist can be in your favor if you are aiming for a long-term career in the industry. It gives your skills credibility and reliability, and this is one of the most important reasons for you to take up this course today.



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