SAFe for Architect Certification Renewal

    Many enterprises are now adopting the Scaled Agile framework. The SAFe for Architect Certified professionals is now in high demand. There is a skill gap in the workplace and these professionals can fill up this space. To become SAFe for Architect certified you need to complete the 3-day SAFe for the Architect Certification course and pass the exam.
    Once pass the exam, you will be awarded the certification which will remain valid for one year. After that, you will need to renew it. SAFe Architect Certification renewal validates your interest and capability in keeping up with the best practices in SAFe.


Accreditations :


How to renew the SAFe Architect certification:

You first need to log in to the SAFe Community platform using the login details and password emailed to you. You will notice a ‘renew’ button next to the SAFe Architect certification. Just click on it to go to the payment screen. On this page, you will complete your renewal process.

There is no penalty if you don’t pay the SAFe for Architect Certification renewal cost on time. Your certification will just be invalid for the period you don’t pay. After you pay the SAFe Architect Certification renewal fee, your certification will be renewed. 

Certification renew cost

To renew your certification you need to buy the bundled offer which is the certification and membership. The SAFe for Architect Certification renewal fee is $295. If you have other SAFe certifications that need to be renewed then you can do so without any extra cost in addition to the SAFe for Architect Certification renewal cost when you renew your SAFe Architect Certification.  You may choose not to renew your certification, yet maintain your membership with Scaled Agile to access their resources. In that case, you need to pay $195.