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The process to renew SAFe POPM Certification

You should renew your SAFe POPM certification before it expires. When the expiration date is within 120 days, then you are eligible for SAFe POPM certification renewal. You need to log in to the SAFe Community Platform using your login details and password to renew the certification. Once you log in, you will notice the text ‘Renew Now’ beside your date of expiration if it is within the next 120 days. When you click on the ‘Renew Now’ text, you will be redirected to the membership page. Here you will see the different types of membership and decide which one to choose as the SAFe Product Owner Product Manager Certification renewal option for the following year.

If you renew the SAFe POPM certification before the expiration date, then the date will not change. Your next renewal date will not be from the date you renewed the certification, but the original expiration date. If you renew the SAFe POPM certification after the expiration date, then no additional fee will be charged. You won’t need to take the exam again to renew your SAFe POPM certification.

SAFe POPM Certification renewal cost

There are three categories of membership which you can choose to renew your SAFe POPM certification. These are discussed below.

Type of Membership



Individual Membership


Get access to basic content in the Community. Certification renewals are not included here.

Certified Membership


Get access to basic and advanced content and learning. You can renew all your certifications except SPC/SPCT.

SPC Membership


Get access to all contents in the Community. You can renew all your certifications including SPC/SPCT. You can also train others.  

Sometimes, promotional codes are available. After you select your membership option, you will notice the financial information page where you will be asked to provide the promotional code. In such a case, you will get a discount on the membership fee. Then you need to proceed to the checkout and fill in the financial details to complete the certification renewal process.


Boost your career with the SPOPM Certification

Learning Opportunities:

  • Cultivate an in-depth understanding of the SAFe® framework alongside Scrum knowledge that goes beyond certification training. Acquire skills and knowledge required to excel as a Product Manager or Product Owner
  • Gain invaluable experience from the insights you get from SAFe® professionals and Simpliaxis trainers who have a diverse experience from different industry verticals.
  • Immerse yourself with hands-on exercises, dynamic interactions, and engaging scenarios which have been curated and facilitated by SAFe experts. Through real-world simulations, you can procure a practical understanding and concepts of SAFe® POPM.

With Simpliaxis SAFe® POPM Certification, you’ll learn the art to initiate collaborative product management in the SAFe framework where you can foster effective communication among stakeholders, and teams.



Schedules for SAFe® Product Owner/Product Manager Certification Training in USA

Build skills with experts anytime anywhere. Keep up to date with the latest trends in your industry.

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Just request the schedule for the updates about dates, prices, and curriculum with your preferences!
Individual & Organizational Benefits
    SAFe® POPM Certification empowers product managers and owners to navigate different complexities regarding product management and ownership with the help of SAFe. You can:
    • Channelize the overall skills of product managers and owners to help you leverage full potential.
    • Learn to execute roles aligned with creativity and agility to bring about products that are successful.
    • Gain necessary knowledge as well as skills by which you can successfully manage the overall lifecycle of products.
    • Learn to scale beyond the conventional way that teams function.
    Offered by Scaled Agile, Inc., SAFe 6 POPM certification demand is growing rapidly:
    • The Average Base Pay for SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager is $78,125/Year
    • At the time of writing, the availability of job is around 42,433
    • The job growth is expected to grow up to 22% by 2026
  • SAFe is designed to help organizations around the world to design software and systems that are better and meets the changing needs of customers
  • They provide organization with a knowledge of the present business goals as well as that of the future
  • Organizations in product teams will work efficiently and be productive through a comprehensive distribution of workload
Who usually attend SPOPM Training

Product Owners


Business Analytsts


Portfolio Managers


Business Analysts


Product Managers


Agile Coaches


Solution Managersgt


Program Managers


Product Manager


Release Train Engineers

What you will learn in this SPOPM workshop
Agile Product Management:

Understand how Agile product management works by uncovering the essentials, principles, and practices to build an effective and lean backlog.

Principles of SAFe:

The curriculum is designed in a way that helps aspirants and professionals gain the necessary insights regarding SAFe principles and mindset. These principles will help in initiating effective coordination and collaboration across teams in large-scale Agile IT projects.

Scaled Agile Framework:

With Simpliaxis, you’ll deep dive completely into the SAFe framework alongside its ceremonies, roles, and artifacts that focuses on the overall responsibility of Product Manager and Product Owner.

Build Backlogs for Program:

When it comes to building backlogs, learning different techniques will be essential to maintain and build program backlog as it would compel you to align with organizations priorities and business goals.

Plan for Program Increment:

PI or Program Increment is an integral part of the Product Owner/Product Manager role that helps individuals understand ways by which they can contribute to the overall planning process while synchronizing with the rest of the team.

Executing PI:

Executing PI will help individuals understand the ways by which they can execute PIs that covers different aspects such as iteration execution, backlog refinement, and iteration planning.

Release Management:

The SAFe® POPM certification will instil individuals to grasp release management fundamentals in the SAFe environment that ensures effective and smooth value delivery.

Initiate Collaboration:

You will develop skills where you will initiate collaboration with Agile teams, stakeholders, and other essential people who are working together in a SAFe environment.


Accentuate the overall importance of taking the customer-centric approach when it comes to product development, learn ways to incorporate feedback while continuously delivering value to customers.

Cultivate Lean-Agile Attitude:

Having a Lean-Agile mindset will help foster improvement that continuous alongside adaptation that will help deliver business value and outcomes that’s important.


    There are no definitive prerequisites when it comes to attending SAFe® POPM certification. However, there are certain things that would help you when it comes to SAFe® POPM, they are:

  • Prior work experience is recommended, especially in a SAFe organizational ecosystem
  • An experience in Agile, Lean, or any other relevant certifications will help you understand the role and responsibilities better

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