SAFe Release Train Engineer (SAFe RTE) Certification Learning Objectives

    Everything we do, we do with certain objectives attached to it. Whether looking for a new job or learning something new, the objective is career advancement. You have set some goals for yourself that you want to achieve in your professional life. And for that, you want to enhance your knowledge and skills. You want to be a change agent in your organization Or you want to learn something that is very much in demand in the present times. And what better way to be a change agent or move with the times than taking a SAFe Release Train Engineer certification.

    It is the in-thing today what with most of the organizations have gone for or beginning to go for Agile environment. And as a Release Train Engineer, you can be the axis around which the change revolves. But how will that happen? It will happen when you apply the skills and knowledge you gain while taking the SAFe RTE certification course in your company. The million-dollar question is how, what you learn during the course, will transform you and through you your organization? In other words, what are those SAFe Release Train Engineer course learning objectives that will help you in playing a leading role in your organization's transition to an Agile environment?


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Learning Outcomes of SAFe Release Train Engineer Training:

When you take the SAFe Release Train Engineer course for getting a SAFe RTE certification, it means you are going to achieve certain learning objectives or goals from this course. These objectives define what you should be able to do or what tasks you should be able to perform as a Release Train Engineer. It will guide you on how to walk on the road ahead and prepare you for the role and challenges that you are going to face when you work as an RTE. 

But before we hop on to SAFe RTE course objectives, let's briefly discuss the main functions of a Release Train Engineer. The main function that an RTE performs is as a technical program leader and Scrum Master of a large team called Agile Release Train (ART) that consists of multiple small teams. You can say an ART is a team of small Agile teams who are bound by a single common mission or project. These teams work on different components of a project, sometimes simultaneously. And they work in a SAFe environment.

SAFe Release Train Engineer Course Learning Objectives

So now we come to SAFe Release Train Engineer training learning objectives. As said earlier, these objectives will tell you what tasks you should be capable of performing as an RTE. These learning objectives of the course are as under:

  • How you can perform the role of a Release Train Engineer effectively

  •  Applying your knowledge of Lean-Agile and tools for executing and releasing value

  • Nurturing persistent improvements

  • Create a plan of action so that the learning journey continues

  • Provide assistance to the execution of programs and large solutions

  • Become a servant leader and coach and make a high-performing Agile Release Train (ART)

We hope we have been able to make clear the SAFe Release Train Engineer learning objectives to you and it will prove to be very helpful to you.


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