SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager (SAFe POPM) Certification Syllabus

As a Product Owner or Manager, you need to face a lot of challenges every day. The SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager (SAFe POPM) certification will train you to be more efficient in your job so that you can add more value to the organization. You will get accustomed to the Scaled Agile Framework and learn to work with a Scrum team to lead product development by completing the SAFe POPM course curriculum.


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Reasons to become a Certified SAFe 5 Product Owner/Manager

  • 70% of Fortune 100 companies and a majority of the global today employ the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) due to its effectiveness in carrying out large-scale projects. As a result, there is high demand for certified SAFe professionals. 

  • The average base salary of a Certified SAFe 5 Product Owner/Manager is USD 109K/year which is a lot higher than the non-certified product owners or managers. 

  • Learn how to manage product development to add value to the organization and the customers.

The outcome of the course

  • Learn enterprise-level Product Owner and Manager skills

  • Add value to the Lean-Agile enterprise

  • Provide the best product in the Agile Release Train (ART)

  • Get an understanding of the Scaled Agile Framework. 

  • Learn to manage Program Increments and team backlogs. 

SAFe POPM Certification syllabus

The SAFe POPM Certification curriculum is designed in such a way to guide the Product Owner or Manager to efficiently control the product development process. The SAFe POPM course syllabus is broken down into 5 broad modules and these are mentioned below. 

Module 1: How to become a SAFe Product Owner or Product Manager in a SAFe enterprise

Here you will learn how to develop a ‘Lean-Agile’ mindset and practices. You will get an in-depth understanding of SAFe for Lean Enterprises. You will understand value streams and learn how to deliver values to the enterprise. Also, you will know about your responsibilities as a Product Owner or Product Manager. 

Module 2: How to prepare for PI Planning

You will learn about Program Increment and how to create beneficial features. You will also know how to forecast work using roadmaps, release features sustainably in a short time, and manage product and team backlog.

Module 3: How to lead PI Planning

You will come up with PI objectives, communicate your vision, and manage dependencies and risks. Learning PI Planning is important to ensure that all the other steps including the pre-planning and execution are done properly. 

Module 4: How to execute iterations

In this module of the SAFe POPM training, you will learn how to plan the iterations and apply user stories. You will know how to refine the backlog continuously to get better results. You will learn how to support DevOps and Release on Demand. 

Module 5: How to execute the PI

This part of the SAFe POPM training syllabus covers topics such as participating in the PO sync and system demo. You will also learn how to innovate throughout the PI. You will know about inspection and adaptation too. 

After completing the SAFe Product Owner Product Manager training syllabus, you will be eligible to sit for the certification exam. If you fail the exam, you can retake it by paying additional charges. 

The SAFe Product Owner Product Manager Certification syllabus is designed in such a way that the person taking the SAFe POPM course learns everything about managing product development in a Scaled Agile Framework. The SAFe Product Owner Product Manager training curriculum has been designed after a lot of research to include everything that a Product Owner or Product Manager needs to lead the team and add value to the organization and is completely aligned with the Scaled Agile.