Advantages of PRINCE2 Methodology


Project Management, at its very basic level, is the combination of tools, processes, and techniques that help the Project Manager to get the best approach for executing a project. The project in itself is a temporary venture that is undertaken to deliver some kind of value by means of some unique offering. And we all know that there are numerous methods of executing a project and they are all different from each other. So, a project can be executed in one or more ways. Zeroing in on the best method that would work for you is the real challenge. How can you know which Project Management methodology is best suited for your project? With the advancement of the capabilities and needs of companies and businesses all over the world, the acceptable standards of the best practices" have also changed. The rapidly changing technology, fast-changing customer requirements, and easier connectivity across the globe have also brought about a transformation in the way the projects are managed. But the basics have still remained unchanged for the project teams and they are - to complete the project on time, within budget, and with the required quality so that all stakeholders including the customer are satisfied. 

And it is here that the PRojects In Controlled Environments (PRINCE2) Project Management methodology comes into the picture and fulfills all these needs. PRINCE2 is the world's most well-known Project Management methodology that is used extensively across the globe. Its approach to Project Management is simple and flexible and has been tried and tested in multiple kinds of industries, both in the public as well as the private sector. But with so many Project Management methodologies around, you would certainly ask what are the benefits of PRINCE2 methodology? What is in it that makes it different from others available in the market? Well, it is certainly not without reason that the PRINCE2 methodology is one of the most popular and widely used Project Management methodologies in the world. There are multiple benefits of using PRINCE2. And we are going to describe all those advantages in this article.

Advantages of the PRINCE2 methodology

The main benefits of using PRINCE2 are described below:

1. Widely recognized Project Management methodology:

Although PRINCE was initially created solely for the purpose of managing IT projects, later on, it was developed to be useful across all types of industries and today it has millions of practitioners all around the globe. Today, PRINCE2 is a universally established methodology that helps you not only expand your network but also increase the demand for your offerings. The practices of the PRINCE2 methodology are accepted by the majority of companies worldwide and are used in a wide variety of projects. Today, it has become an important tool for Project Management. Moreover, it is a simple methodology that even beginners can learn and use.

2. PRINCE2 methodology is very flexible:

The original PRINCE methodology was created with only IT projects in mind but the PRINCE2 methodology can be applied to any kind of industry and project and this is its biggest advantage, that it is very flexible. Since it is a generic methodology, it can be used for any kind of project irrespective of its size, scale, industry, location, or sector, and no particular software is needed to run PRONCE2. Its flexibility allows you to combine it with other frameworks. There are no rigid rules for using PRINCE2 and it can be used as a framework that you can adjust according to the requirements of your project. The PRINCE2 methodology is flexible enough to adjust to any project's needs. As you keep learning by using PRINCE2 and tailoring it to your project's requirements, you can develop a more significant and suitable method for Project Management in your organization. 

3. Common language:

This is one of the biggest benefits of PRINCE2 Project Management. One of the most important reasons why projects go off-track just when everything seems to be going smoothly is the lack of communication or passing on the wrong information, or understanding the information wrongly. Inaccurate information floats around and people get confused. But PRINCE2 has been in use for a number of years now with its usage quite widespread. Also, there are standard processes in PRINCE2 that need to be followed by the Project Managers. So, the global community is now well-versed in its terminology and people understand the common language being used in the framework. There is a common language as well as a documentation process that makes work easier for the project people. Even though it is flexible enough to be tailored for any kind of project and industry, its basic principles, themes, processes, and project environment retain enough consistency so that its users can communicate with each other even from different projects, locations, organizations, or industries. The PRINCE2 practitioners have an advantage in that they can get experience in one type of project and apply it to another type of project. 

4. Optimized clarity:

The roles, responsibilities, and lines of communication are explicitly defined in the PRICE2 project environment. Every member of the project team would clearly know what are they and their teammates supposed to do. There is absolute clarity about the responsibilities and the authority of everyone from the very beginning. The accountability of each member of the team is clearly defined. This type of clarity is very necessary for streamlining Project Management. There is no encroachment of other's territory and no confusion when there is absolute clarity about the roles and responsibilities. And there is no buck-passing and pointing fingers at others. This results in harmony in the team. Moreover, in the case of any issues arising during the project, everyone knows whom to approach for a particular issue or who is accountable for that. The practitioners of the PRINCE2 methodology find it easier to share knowledge with other teams and departments in the projects powered by the PRINCE2 methodology.  This way, a lot of time and effort is saved in the project which means the project can be completed in a quicker time without wasting resources and compromising on quality.

5. It is about quality and best practices:

The PRINCE2 methodology is not just theory. It has evolved out of the experience and practical working of its users from many types of industries and projects. It has proved its success with numerous case studies available to support the effectiveness of its best practices. In Project Management, whichever methodology you might follow, it is vital that all the stakeholders mutually agree on the results that are expected out of the project. PRINCE2 ensures exactly that. Therefore, even though a project may be considered complete according to the PRINCE2 project stages, it would not be deemed to have been completed till it meets the outcomes expected out of the project. The project is considered successful only if it has delivered the quality that was expected at its conception stage. So, any project executed as per the PRINCE2 guidelines would follow strict quality management controls and best practices. And this is one of the major factors that has made PRINCE2 as popular and widely used as it is today. We can safely say that if you are searching for a practical and proven method of Project Management that is flexible too, the PRINCE2 methodology is for you.

6. Risk management:

The PRINCE2 projects have an important feature in that they have to be practicable from the word go. It is not just at the planning stage that the Project Manager and stakeholders create the requirements, risks, and benefits of the project and evaluate them but they continue to do so throughout the project. The business case of the project must be practical and feasible so that the team can refer to it as and when required during the progress of the project. PRINCE2 has a very clear risk assessment methodology that helps the teams to forecast and prepare for risks so that setbacks and failures can be prevented. The risk assessment methodology of PRINCE2 ensures that the teams are well-equipped for tough or uncertain times. If there is some crisis in the project, the focus of the PRINCE2 methodology on lessons learned, tolerances, and planning helps the team to handle it effectively. Also, since it is very flexible, teams can easily adapt if some unforeseen challenges come up during the execution of the project. 

7. It gives autonomy:

One of the major advantages of PRINCE2 Project Management is that it offers autonomy to different layers of people in the project. And the important reason behind this is that PRINCE2 projects are very streamlined because of its emphasis on one of its core principles "Management by exception". The PRINCE2 project environment considers Project Management as a series of layers. Every layer supervises the one below it. But those managing the individual layers remain autonomous. They work independently until some issue comes up that is beyond their normal capabilities and they have to seek help from the people above them to resolve the issue. This type of Project Management ensures that no delays are caused on account of all decisions resting with the upper management.

8. Saves time and money:

Since all the PRINCE2 projects are split into stages and follow set protocols, a lot of time is saved in completing the project. Similarly, if some unexpected event occurs during one stage, you may be able to solve it there also before moving on to the next stage thus avoiding costly delays. Moreover, given its standardization, a lot of time and money can be saved on training the members who are already familiar with the PRINCE2 methodology for every project. Further, with risks being identified at the very beginning of the project, so a lot of time would be saved on that. The PRINCE2 methodology also discourages large time-consuming meetings. It rather encourages as less meetings as possible and those too should be precise and to the point to be taken at the important stages of the project.

Apart from those major advantages of the PRINCE2 methodology described above, there are many other ways in which it benefits organizations. We have seen that whichever industry you might be working in or whichever type of project you might be planning, the PRINCE2 methodology can be applied to it and tailored according to it. Because of the benefits mentioned above, it has become the most popular Project Management methodology today. More and more industries and organizations are adopting the PRINCE2 methodology for managing their projects and are enjoying the fruits of its proven success.


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