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Why Becoming A Certified Scrum Developer?

Why Becoming A Certified Scrum Developer?

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In an Agile framework like Scrum, it’s really necessary to have professional teammates who understand their duties in a project better than anyone. Scrum projects usually involve a Product Owner, a Scrum Master, and a team of Developers. The Product Owner of the product takes all the major decisions regarding the product and sets the Sprint Goals for each Sprint. Scrum Master heads the team of Developers and works as the bridge between the Developers and the Product Owner. 

Whereas, the purpose of the Developers is to perform the development of the required product mentioned by the Product Owner. If you keep the Scrum Master and Product Owner aside then the whole team of development needs to have technical skills in software development. As Scrum is a recently explored framework, people have adapted it in their organizations quite rapidly. 

Every individual who is part of an Agile framework wants to try his hands in Scrum because of its dynamic approach. Nowadays the industry has gained a lot of Scrum experts and professionals who have been practicing it for quite a while. They have found it very useful and keep on suggesting people implement it in their respected works as well. Popularized so much that everyone in software development wants to be part of it. 

They want to be part of it but they don’t know where to start. For Developers who are interested in Scrum taking up a certification course for Scrum can help them in their path to become Scrum Developers. Becoming a Certified Scrum Developer is worth it, as he/she is likely to be preferred over non-certified candidates.


Is it Necessary to Become A Certified Scrum Developer?


Software Developers, who are interested in becoming Scrum Developers, always have this question: is it really necessary to go through the certification course for that? Well, of course, it is necessary and should always be considered to take up the certification course for Scrum Developers. The Scrum framework is sophisticated enough that no one can learn it by himself and become an expert at it overnight. 

Being a software Developer is one thing but being a Scrum Developer is another. In Scrum, there are time boundaries, limited teammates over a project. If you do not get to know the functionality of the process then how will you be able to work in that environment? To get an entry to any of the Scrum projects you need to be a Certified Scrum Developer otherwise you are not considered for the part. 

With such a less amount of time and a small group of team, Scrum projects have high rates of risks when an unprofessional is added to the team. That is why the Scrum teams always prefer someone with either experience or at least be a Certified Scrum Developer. 


Why Is It Necessary? 


Scrum framework is fascinating for every Developer from outside but it needs a lot of skills and efforts for someone who is part of any Scrum project to get the job done successfully. When you go through the certification course for Scrum Developers there you get to learn all the dos and don’ts of the framework. 

You are introduced to practices on how to think faster, work faster and adapt the change fastest. It changes your whole mindset. All in all, it makes your mind Agile which makes becoming a Certified Scrum Developer is worthy.


Benefits of Being A Certified Scrum Developer


There are numerous benefits of being a Certified Scrum Developer. It not only certifies you as a professional Scrum Developer but adds a lot of value to your profile in the world of Scrum. Some of the benefits are followed below: 


Entry To Global Scrum Community


Every Certified Scrum Developer is made a member of an international community of Scrum experts from every corner of the world. Each member of this community has years of knowledge, experience, and expertise related to Scrum. Being part of this community is helpful for every new Certified Scrum Developer. The whole community is like a library dedicated to the Agile framework of Scrum where there is always scope of learning more and performing better. 

After gaining a few years of experience one has the opportunity to contribute back to the community by helping the new and younger Certified Scrum Developers. There are always open discussions in the community about the whole idea of Scrum and what updates in the framework can make it better and more efficient. 


Highlights Your Capabilities 


Certification of a Scrum Developer works as proof for the Scrum team to have faith in you that you know your job very well. It showcases that you have tested and qualified knowledge about the Scrum development and it helps in building your credibility in the Scrum team. A Certified Scrum Developer is always given preference over other candidates and it speaks for your capabilities as a Scrum Developer. 

When you give an input then it has always been taken under consideration because the team knows that you are only making the input after examining the whole situation with all the measures and metrics of Scrum. All in all, being a Certified Scrum Developer makes people take you seriously.


Honors Your Professional Credentials


Professional credentials are always the first thing an organization looks for in a candidate and if those credentials match their requirement then only the candidate has a chance. But when you have something extra special with your professional credentials then it adds more value. That’s what Scrum Developer certification does to your profile. It adds honor to your professional credentials. It’s not less than a badge of honor.

A Certified Scrum Developer is always seen separately from general or uncertified Developers. They are always considered over others and their suggestions are always taken into consideration. Organizations that are switching towards an Agile framework of Scrum are always looking for Developers with their certification as Certified Scrum Developers. 


Keeps You Relevant


Being a Certified Scrum Developer clearly states that you have better scope for growing faster, adapting to a change faster, or learn something new faster. This quality keeps a Certified Scrum Developer relevant to the business. Everyone knows about the certified Developer that he has training for functioning at a rapid speed and is habitual of performing any task or adapting something new with a faster pace. 

While keeping you relevant it also keeps you marketable or to say maintains your market value. Every organization with Agile practices is always looking for certified Developers. The certification proves your tendency of being a fast adapter so the career opportunities are always expanding for such Developers.


Use It to Convince Your Current Organization to Adapt Scrum 


When you take up the Scrum Developer certification course then it can charge the management of your company to invest their time and money to adapt the Scrum techniques as they are having someone who knows the traits of Scrum to guide them or the development team through the Scrum framework. Through that, you will have a better position in your company to lead the development team towards the techniques of Scrum because every organization knows that a Certified Scrum Developer certification is worth having for an individual who is in the Development field. 

Once you have completed the certification course you might be able to motivate others as well to pursue it which can be beneficial for him in coming times. When you make several people agree to pursue the certification course for Scrum Developers then your organization will easily be able to adapt to this new way of working. 


Enhances Your Performance in a Team


Scrum is all about the collaborative and collective efforts of the team. All the Scrum projects are completed with the full dedication and best efforts of the team. Scrum is a successful framework for being teamwork-oriented. In a Scrum Developer certification course, expertise for effective team management, team building, and training are introduced to the candidate. 

Through which each candidate learns the best ways to work within the Scrum team and how to manage himself around other team members. The quality training for facing and managing the complications coming across the progress of the project leads the Developer to pull the best of results and that too in a short period of time. 

Working with Scrum makes the Developer a confident and bold Scrum Developer who knows how to get the job done with minimum resources and in the least amount of time. 


Wrapping Up


The Scrum framework has been in the industry for many years but people are still debating whether being a Certified Scrum Developer is worth it or not? Now when almost every possible software company is becoming Scrum oriented then becoming a Certified Scrum Developer has its multiple benefits and adds a lot of value to the profile of the Developer.

The debate should finally get over and every Agile practicing Developer should start getting his/her certification course for Scrum Developer as it increases the efficiency of the work and creates opportunities for better revenues.


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